Santa has gotten a Chopper!

The New yorker has set up a page with the covers of 2007. Some of them are quite interesting, but for me the best one is this one, with santa riding a helicopter. ¿Does he need to be cover from the muslim fundamentalists? ¿is it just that he has given some time off to rudolph and the other guys? ¿is it now public that he has embraced judaism, and therefore his life is in danger? Completely hilarious.

Santa on a chopper

For the record, last night we watched the last minutes of Stone`s documentary about Cuba. I can forget dad`s words about the failure of their model: instead of splitting the richness it was the poverty that was being shared among cubans. I also got an email -yes, probably from the people against the regime, but a portray of the nature of the living conditions anyway- of several phone calls made to different places at cuba. One, a grocery store which would not sell cuban products to cuban costumers paying in cuban currency (only dollars accepted, sorry), a cell phone company not giving phones to cubans (only foreigners and cuban celebrities, sorry) and so on. My feeling is that the model is very well wounded, but still continues to hold based on some strong grounds: education and social welfare mostly, which give hope and (yes) honor to those who stand up to fight for the Revolution. It is a shame that in order to have this so may people has to suffer that much.


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