Tweacking Slackware on a Macbook

It has been a love-hate relationship between me an OS X. I tried hard to get used to it, but it was pointless. So the baby steps began, I made a 10G partition, and installed Ubuntu on it. I just didn’t like it. The apt-get system works nicely, but if your want something out from their repos expect a lot of trouble.  Overall it just didn’t click with me. I even tried Kubuntu, thinking that all I missed was KDE, and Xubuntu, thinking that it was simplicity which I missed the most. Then I wanted to go back to Slackware and naively tought that I needed a 64 bit distro, so installed Bluewhite64. Let’s just say that it is very difficult to get everything working for 64 bit linux, even more for a distribution so small. And at the end I just used the 64 bits for adding very large numbers… once!.

Obviously it was just matter of time until I returned to the good old slackware. Myfirst problem was that 10G is too small to do real work, so I had to free some space. The key is to free space from the HFS+ system, and then use the apple diskutill to make a second partition on the hard disk. It is important to get rid of big files in the HFS+ partition, or otherwise the command will fail.

After this was done, second cloud on the sky: I could not reboot my linux system as I had more than 4 partitions:

1. EFI

2. HFS+

3. New Linux

4. Old Linux

5. Old swap.

Oops. The data is still there, so no problem. Install slackware 12.2 on the new linux partition, do not format the old one, make a swapfile, reboot.

Next step, install Wireless on the thing. There are may branches of the madwifi code. Last time I tried (june 08) the most recent version would not work for this particular atheros chipset. The “trunk” version would, so this is what I install:


following the standard instructions on the madwifi webpage.

The sound glitch is solved with

rmmod -f snd_hda_intel

modprrmmod -f snd_hda_intel

on /et/rc.d/rc.local

============ UPDATE =======

Today I had to start from scratch again. My hard disk just died, a minute of silence for it. The people who changed my old HD installed OS X in the new one for me, so I had to resize again, using diskutil. After that I installed rEFIt. I had to use the “manual” (meaning executing a script from command) instead of the package, since the later would not work. Then I used refit shell to sync MBR and EFI partition table. After that I booted in linux, changed the type of the partition, formated it, and install slack.


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  1. Thanks for this post. I’m about to get a macbook and will want to be dual-booting into slack.

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