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Dossier – Álvaro Uribe

This is one of the most shocking video shots about the role of Alvaro Uribe (short AUV) with the illegal paramilitary groups, the “convivir”. Senator Gustavo Petro states that AUV, then Governor of Antioquia, gave the authorization for the legal creation of the “papagayo convivir”, the paramilitary group that got the money from chiquita brands (which was convicted for this crime, and had to pay a fine in the US). He specifically states that AU allowed creation of paramilitary groups of “alias Julian Bolivar” and “alias Chepe Barrera” and that the “convivir” had paramilitary bosses, Mancuso, alias “mochacabezas” (head slayer), and others.

In this one, GP states the main objection to the “Seguridad Ciudadana” (citizenship security) policy. The idea is that by letting common people to fulfill the role of the cops in the society, the government may temporarily reduce some crimes at the end is just allowing a gangster-like security.

Last but not least, this is and investigation about the videos released by the New Herald, in which the now president Álvaro Uribe had a meeting with various paramilitary groups. Two important things: the victims of this groups fully identify some of the people of the meeting with the president as paramilitary commandos. Also the forensic expert clarifies that the one of the guys who shakes AUV hand was miss-identified, probably because of he having a bogus id in his chest, but that he is indeed a paramilitary leader (just not the one everybody though he was).



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Video Blog, marcha por la libertad de todos los secuestrados.


Stultaviro tiene otro video interesante sobre esta marcha.

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Acuerdo Humanitario

Acuerdo Humanitario

Hoy, 5 de Julio, al medio dia toda Colombia se movilizó en favor de la libertad de todos los secuestrados. La palabra que nos aglutina a todos es “Libertad”. El caso del despeje o de la responsabilidad del Estado en la liberación de los secuestrados divide al país. Mientras los familiares de los secuestrados y algunos partidos políticos como el Polo democrático, hablan de “Acuerdo Humanitario”, concepto que acepta la negociación e incluso un posible despeje, el Estado y sus copartidarios se niegan al despeje y asignan toda la responsabilidad a las FARC.

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